Skin Like Stars

and the light waltzed

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The Gods

In the beginning, the universe was nothing but darkness. There were no planets, no stars, no beings, just void blackness that was all-consuming in its depths. Yet from that darkness, inexplicably there came light. A being, a goddess who would be known by many names but is now called valia.

She was the first and did not enjoy being alone in all that darkness so out of the dust that drifted through space she created more beings like her, though all were unique in their powers. Some say this was by design, others believe that it was just how nature must be. Balanced, with a representative for all important aspects of life.

Amongst her first creations were solea and lunae who quickly became close, They spent their time running around the cosmos, filling it with stars from their laughter and small planets formed in their wake around these stars.

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